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About Us

The New York Office represents the High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York and ensures the effective integration of the norms, standards, methodologies, policies and mechanisms of the United Nations human rights system in the work of the New York-based intergovernmental organs, interdepartmental bodies, policy development processes, operational oversight activities and public information initiatives.

In particular, it aims at ensuring that United Nations human rights standards and principles are integrated into the peace and security, development, economic and social, humanitarian, and rule of law work of the Organization.

To these ends, the New York Office represents the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the broader UN human rights system in meetings and activities at UN headquarters at all levels, as well as with permanent missions of Member States, UN agencies and departments, civil society organizations, the media, and the public.

It advises the Office of the Secretary-General and the inter-departmental and inter-agency bodies and mechanisms centered at New York Headquarters.

It provides advice and support on human rights issues to the General Assembly and its main committees, the Economic and Social Council, the Security Council, the High-Level Political Forum, global conferences and summits, and other inter-governmental bodies.

The New York Office also provides support to Geneva-based human rights treaty-established bodies and extra-conventional mechanisms in their interactions with UN bodies in New York.

As part of its outreach, advocacy, and public information activities, the New York Office works with civil society organizations, academia and the media, creating awareness of human rights issues, and organizes human rights events in New York.

It also works on the integration of human rights in UN and regional peace operations and support the implementation of Security Council mandates for peace operations.

Its work in the geographic area pays particular attention to crisis situations, regions and countries on the agenda of intergovernmental bodies, peace missions and special political missions, and the UN development system.

The New York Office also covers special groups and thematic issues relating to equality and non-discrimination, human rights and development, rule of law, counter-terrorism, justice, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual violence in conflict, reprisals, protection of civilians, human rights due diligence, prevention and peace-building.