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Human Rights 75 Initiative

“Together, let’s rejuvenate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, demonstrate how it can meet the needs of our time AND advance its promise of freedom, equality and justice for all”. 

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Countdown: Day 0

Join us on our 75-day countdown to Human Rights Day on 10 December. Each day we'll be sharing stories, videos, fun facts and more to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Declaration.

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Rebirth often follows decimation. And so, in the aftermath of World War II, on 10December 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If there was ever a moment to rekindle the hope of human rights for every person, it is now. And this moment will last throughout 2023 and beyond – a year of commemoration of one of the world’s most ground-breaking international commitments. In 2023, we reinvigorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, showing the ways it meets the needs of our time, and advancing its promise of freedom, equality, and justice for all.

Solidarity for the rights of everyone

In the decades since 50 countries signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we have pushed the frontiers in medicine, technology, the environment, social and political expression, economic and labour laws, and more. Progress is a process, and we have much to build on. The Declaration reflects an agreement that equality, freedom and justice are values that drive a thriving society when everyone could experience equal access to opportunities in these domains and any of their choosing.   

The Declaration is a life guide encompassing 30 articles that address rights and benefits, which have been realized by many yet outside the reach of others. These include access to education, employment, fair pay, voting rights, healthcare and more; the values of free speech, privacy, and mutual respect irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion are evinced by the Declaration.

Human Rights 75 is an initiative whose three main goals focus on universality, progress and engagement under the leadership of UN Human Rights, together with its partners. The initiative culminates in a high-level event in December 2023 that will announce global pledges and ideas for a vision for the future of human rights.

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The coming months – Human Rights Hub

We pledge to listen, learn, and commit as the Initiative takes the pulse of countries, communities and individuals across the globe. Business forums, youth consultations, dialogues across the UN bodies with their constituencies, and Member States will activate the initiative in their country to become part of a solid network for sharing milestones, challenges and needs. Regular thematic spotlights will focus on critical themes spanning a range of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights for implementation of the Declaration, as well as the rights to development and the environment.

Pledges and positive stories will be featured in the countdown to the year’s two pivotal events.

Learn about the high-level event happening 11-12 December 2023

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Three tracks of Human Rights 75

Join the journeys to commemorate and strengthen a movement for a better world:

  1. Promoting universality honours diversity, strengths, and achievements of the many communities striving to address today’s global challenges. It reminds us that human rights are non-negotiable and we reclaim it as a foundation on which to find solutions to our common challenges.
  2. Forging the future seeks to harness the potential of latest breakthroughs through all means, including technology, and anticipate the challenges that will benefit from their application.
  3. Supporting engagement will work with Member States and all the relevant actors to build a positive force for change with trust in the human rights architecture, faith in its promise, and resources to apply the tools that are necessary to ensure rights are upheld.